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Sno Cone Machine Individual

Sno Cone Machine Individual

    • Actual Size: 3x2
    • Setup Area: 3x2
    • Outlets: 1

    • $100.00
      Prices are subject to change depending on Date and Demand
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Sno-Kone machine complete with supplies for 50 people. You just need to supply the ice. Comes with 4 foot table to set machine on.  Machine only.  Priced with out Inflatable Rental.


1.     Fill the hopper to within an inch from the top with ice cubes or block ice (no larger than 3 to 4 inches). The larger the pieces, the better the snow.

2.     Switch the motor on, and wait for it to reach full speed (this will take a minute or so)

3.     Press the pusher handle down against the ice in the hopper. Apply firm and even pressure to make the best snow. Practice will enable you to gauge when to stop. This allows the ice to resettle against the shaver head. You may find that you need to relieve the pressure two or three times during a cycle. Too much pressure will result in snow that is coarse; too little pressure will make the snow mushy.



Never allow any foreign or metallic objects around the shaver area of the Sno-Konette. Ice picks, scoops, and debris that may be in the ice often damage blades.



The Sno-Konette can take ice cubes.      


Reminder: Equipment is rented and instructions are given. The company is not responsible for preparing food items.

For additional instructions you can view this video from Gold Medal Concessions the manufacturer